Monday, 1 July 2013


I haven't blogged on here as much as I would like. I find when you don't do something for a long time you just end up avoiding it altogether.

I have begun a Tumblr page due to a collaboration with a friend, so I have one Tumblr which we share and another 'personal' one, which is supposed to take over this blog.

You can find them here:

Friday, 5 October 2012

London Design Festival

I volunteered at the V&A for the London Design Festival, it was one the best experiences of volunteering I've had. Just spending a whole day at the V&A was great, although nearly getting locked-in on my second day, not so much. The people I volunteered with were amazing too! :)

One of the installations that were made just for the London Design Festival were the Mimicry Chairs by nendo the Japanese design company. They looked amazing and it was really clever how they mimicked the environment that they were in.

Another was the popular Prism by Keiichi Matsuda and associates
I was lucky enough to get a chance to go up to see it on the second day of the Festival, but I wasn't prepared with a camera to take photos. I did take this photo a few days later from the sixth floor.

The final installation was Rolf Sachs's The Journey of a Drop, which was situated in the secret staircase found in the Henry Cole Wing. The inks were being dropped from a mechanism placed at the top of the staircase which is 32ft high. The sound of the ink dropping on water was amplified by a microphone. I'm not sure if Sachs was aware of the story that in the past when it rained the glass roof would leak, so V&A staff would have to put buckets to collect the water and if that influenced him.

 It was nice to see visitors reaction to this installation, everyone was in awe and left smiling, with some even returning to have another look.

Chocolate Cake confusion

Last month it was Roald Dahl day and I mistakenly confused the short story Chocolate Cake as his work when in fact it was the equally amazing Michael Rosen. Searching for the story I came across this performance by Rosen of the story.

It's funnier than how I remember it being told at school.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012


I managed to illustrate the first chapter of the Mahabharata which was exhibited at Mixed Special, I also created an A3 painting which illustrates the Churning of the Ocean.

Like a friend you haven't spoken to in a long time

It feels the same when you have not blogged* for a long a time. Where to begin?

University is over and I have graduated from the BA Illustration course. The ceremony was two weeks ago and it was great :).

The internal show was last month, which was really fun but stressful to put together. Just before that we had to hand in our Unit 11 work, which personally for me was not a great moment :(. I hope to learn from it though.

These are a few pictures from the show, apologies for the poor quality, they were taken from my phone

I was advised to put this version of my final piece. It was a rough composition which I based my final painting on. It was composed on Photoshop.

Katie Johnston & Charlene Man epic human digestive

Eun Kyoung comic series

Kraggy, Ellie Denwood and Angeli Patel (l-r)

Peter Rhodes and Charlotte Jones (l-r)

 A few weeks later was the external show Mixed Special at Red Gallery Shoreditch
Some more dodgy photos of that below.
Charlotte Jones, Lewis Stringer and Holly Mills (l-r)

Merida Richards and Alec Jagodzinski (l-r)

Emily McCartan

Libbi King

Monday, 6 February 2012

Explaining the Aurora Borealis

Animation for Course Project:

Music: Bon Iver Lisbon (OH) Narrator: Laura Kerridge

I really wanted get this finished for the hand-in today but knew it would end up being rushed (it already is a bit). I am going to try and finish it because there are only a few scenes left to do and it would be a shame not to.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Le voyage dans la lune

I came across this on the BBC website, when they announced that the restoriation of the colour version of the movie by Georges Méliès had been finished complete with a new soundtrack by Air.

This actually reminded me of another film I came across last year on BBC 2, they were showing MGM musicals I think every Saturday afternoon in the month of October. I think the lack of dialogue in both and the fact that they are both pre cgi so the sets are extremely descriptive which made me make the connection.

Anyway I managed to catch the ending of An American In Paris which showed the main characters (Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron) dancing, Kelly tap dancing and Caron doing the ballet. I became really engrossed in it and was completely memorised by the fluidity of the transitions from scene to scene because it looks so effortless.

The example below shows most of it

"An American In Paris" Ballet with George Gershwin's Original Music from Mark on Vimeo.