Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Cabaret Project

My groups' cabaret performance was based on the story, "The Three Heads of a Well". We started off with a completely different idea, it went from performing some of the scenes and using still images/collage and stop motion to drawing on acetate and projecting it using an OHP and recording that to finally settling on using puppets and creating a set. We found that we spent a long time talking about the project and ideas (though there were some problems in communication as well) rather than getting on with actually making collages or filming. It was speaking to the tutors that we realised we had to just start making things for the set such as trees, cave, characters, well and castle. Nic Rawlings work was also inspiring though I wonder what would have been the outcome had we all seen it earlier on in the project.
On the whole, I am really proud of this film and the way it has turned out.(Thanks to Juliette and Lewis for finishing it off) :)

One of the tasks we had to carry out was to create a storyboard, we didn't assign each other parts of the story which I think would have worked better (we all did afterwards tbh). Instead we thought we'd gather lots of images to work from and we'd make it the day before, but we didn't meet up and we had to just put together on the day it was due in. We did manage to make a storyboard from the individual images.
Here are some of my images:

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