Friday, 27 November 2009

Final piece

I tried to go through as many ideas as I could to lead me up to this final poster. I realised I should include more people on cycling machines to put emphasis on people working together. I am happy with the poster and got some positive feedback, though I think the 'power to the people' message gets a bit lost.

Friday, 20 November 2009

5 roughs

I got some good feedback regarding my 5 roughs, some expected and and some not so..

1. A lot of people liked the image on the left (the one on the right was just another version). Though I found out that text was not meant to be used on the poster! Also the image looked too cropped and I should enlargen the black area so it doesn't look like it's been cut clumsily. Another improvement would be to space out the last few dots and add 'shoulders' to make it more obvious that they are people. I'm still going to make an A1 copy of this poster but not hand it in as my final.

2.Another variation of the top poster, spent quite some time on this first drawing faces on a page covered in dots, then traced on to tracing paper and scanned. But it's difficult to see the text and doesn't really say much as an image-doesn't have the same imapact as the first, and the obvious problem no text allowed!

3. The obvious punch, which doesn't give me much scope to go with. It's also really badly done, I actually knew I wasn't going to go ahead with this idea, but I was running out of time!

4. I found it difficult to think of something humorous they could be trying to reach, so it didn't turn out as I wanted. The composition works well even though I added the text last minute. I could have improved by drawing more people, maybe at the top with the people getting smaller and smaller.

5. An envrionmental message: working together to save the earth. As I mentioned before, I instantly thought of people on bike machines powering something. I wasn't sure what but for this rough I drew a cinema sign with the slogan. After talking with my tutor I settled with this image but decided that the people should power earth- this sets out the environmental factor clearly.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Do not disturb

Sort of connects with the collection project, this person has managed to collect nearly 6000 do not disturb signs!!

Some of them look really cool as well not just your standard sign.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sign 5

Brief: To create a poster based on one of the line of text given.

I chose 'Power to the People", with the most obvious idea coming to my head- punching of the fist in the air (more than one person to symbolise people).

Other ideas
Human tower (Castell)

Images of people who have survived a horrible event/or saved lives.


Responsibilty to the environment- an image of loads of people on exercise bikes powering a sign came into my head.

idea 1. No photoshop meant I had to rely on word, created this but its about A5 if not smaller in size. It's a complete nightmare trying to recreate it larger on word! :(

I've also realised that it looks better small and if i were to blow it up it would be difficult to read from close range (also the quality would be really bad). And I don't think it's that obvious that they are people...

sign 4

For this brief we had to pick a headline from a newspaper dated 5/11/09 (because it's a significant day) and create an image for it. It was a chance for us to learn about how to work in short space of time with which illustrators get when producing editorial illustration.

I picked "New attack on cancer with nano-weapon" final image below. It didn't come out that well as I had to scan it in two parts and the middle are would not scan properly. The size is smaller than the one stated on the brief, but more importantly I don't think the image goes well with the headline!

Though the headline is positive in its message I got a bit lost in it and created images which were quite humorous, maybe not a good idea for an editorial image.

For some reason my ideas were stuck on war, missiles, toy soldiers (miniture but powerful). Also I think my drawings were too cartoony and maybe if I used collage or photocopies of textures I could have made something gritty and in keeping with the serious tone.

In the feedback I was told the bottom two images (blue and orange cancer and toy soldiers) were strongest and maybe I could combine both somehow.

I decided to do some more "quick" ideas which I actually couldn't do but created this image:

Another comment was to show size is irrelevant and how something so small could somehow weaken the cancer cells, which is why I thought of having normal healthy cells surrounding the cancer. I then combined this with the soldiers and to make the cancer cell look a bit threatening had the cells closer to the cancer turning black losing life. And the blood obviously represents the "death of the cancer cell".

I wish I had looked properly at examples if editorial illustrations and created a more powerful image. After this project I've realised I've become a bit self-conscious about my work and am having a bit of trouble with the poster project.

sign 3

Began by picking out important words and phrases, such as mountains, woodcutter, wife, forest, spring, very young man,thick black hair, fountain of youth, old woman, child in his arms.

I concentrated on the setting but felt a bit unsure about how to go about it, I tried stencils for the mountains but it didn't work out. I had to think about how I would include my image kit.

Bone trees? I decided against using colour and keep it simple as the story is straightforward
Frustrated with how to create the setting I moved on to the characters, I had to use images from the internet to create the old man in the sketchbook image. But while trying to work out how to include the brain texture I created a mirror image of a face which is at the bottom of the sketchbook page. This was an "Aha!" moment, it was finally starting come together.

I had to redraw the brain face because I didn't like the quality of the printed drawing. I also created the old womans face using the brain surface as a reference, I think that's why it looks more like a face and also drew half which made the process quicker.

Nearly final image, the composition was based on the famous "American Gothic" painting by Grant Wood

I moved on to the next image which I had decided would be the old man finding the spring, the drawing of the spring was based on  this photograph taken by me.

Final image:

I was definately influenced by etched illustrations and classic illustrations by George Cruikshank and the like and wanted to recreate it using pen and ink. I liked the idea of using mark-making to create an image rather than a single line.

These are the final images with the decorative motif inspired by the collection of door and window carvings. Which I put together on MS Word because I still haven't got photoshop. This has affected the quality of the scanned image.

I'm quite proud of the way it turned out even though some of the drawings particularly the last two and the reflection are a bit weak. I was given good feedback though I think a few people were confused by the decision to use brain texture for the two main characters faces as they appear grotesque.

Friday, 13 November 2009

The Seed Johnny Kelly

The Seed from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.

Lovely stop-motion animation created using paper, there is also a making of.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Sign 2


I like how literal he is with the little icons to show the name of a place e.g london basin, also the use of type is also is interesting. The map is very detailed with so much information. He has tried to be as accurate as he can, including names of famous people born in different boroughs to historical events.

Jessica Rankin.
I looked at her work during my a-level project on maps. Rankin considers her maps as mind maps, maps which allow her to work through things going on in her life making them very personal. Some of the sentences stop abruptly showing her train of thought.

close up

These next few maps were found here:
"Satrical" maps
James Gillray (l) Robert Dighton (r)


"Britannia"(1791) and "Geography bewitched or a droll caricature map of Ireland" (1793)
I love these because they tell a narrative and the idea could be used to create a personal map.

Historical map

"Oklahoma "produced by Lester Raymer in 1939. I was attracted to the decorative border which close up actually shows the landscape of oklahoma at different times of the day.

Map ideas

Final map
I was told to improve it by making the land more prominent as the blue sea was overpowering it, I did this by blending the oil pastels on the actual land using white spirit. I also smoothed out the blues in the sea.


Brief was to draw a collection of some sort and categorise and label appropriately.

I chose the carvings/sculptures found above doorways and windows. I've always been in awe at how such things can be made with so much detail and accuracy.

I decided to try and include colour to the drawings below not necessarily true to its original colour, because I thought the drawings were too similar and uninteresting. I also looked at different mediums eg, the first one is ink which made it easier to draw quickly. Graphite pencil also did the same.

I really like how the tissue print image below left worked out, it looks like a photocopy on tissue due to the textures created. But it was just a stencil and some ink and a tissue. I tried repeating the same technique on the image below but it didn't have the same effect.

I was trying to include elements of the decorative carvings and think it's turned out well. I didn't manage to put the drawings up and sort them out properly but I liked the exercise of obssessively drawing one type of thing.