Friday, 20 November 2009

5 roughs

I got some good feedback regarding my 5 roughs, some expected and and some not so..

1. A lot of people liked the image on the left (the one on the right was just another version). Though I found out that text was not meant to be used on the poster! Also the image looked too cropped and I should enlargen the black area so it doesn't look like it's been cut clumsily. Another improvement would be to space out the last few dots and add 'shoulders' to make it more obvious that they are people. I'm still going to make an A1 copy of this poster but not hand it in as my final.

2.Another variation of the top poster, spent quite some time on this first drawing faces on a page covered in dots, then traced on to tracing paper and scanned. But it's difficult to see the text and doesn't really say much as an image-doesn't have the same imapact as the first, and the obvious problem no text allowed!

3. The obvious punch, which doesn't give me much scope to go with. It's also really badly done, I actually knew I wasn't going to go ahead with this idea, but I was running out of time!

4. I found it difficult to think of something humorous they could be trying to reach, so it didn't turn out as I wanted. The composition works well even though I added the text last minute. I could have improved by drawing more people, maybe at the top with the people getting smaller and smaller.

5. An envrionmental message: working together to save the earth. As I mentioned before, I instantly thought of people on bike machines powering something. I wasn't sure what but for this rough I drew a cinema sign with the slogan. After talking with my tutor I settled with this image but decided that the people should power earth- this sets out the environmental factor clearly.

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