Thursday, 12 November 2009

Sign 2


I like how literal he is with the little icons to show the name of a place e.g london basin, also the use of type is also is interesting. The map is very detailed with so much information. He has tried to be as accurate as he can, including names of famous people born in different boroughs to historical events.

Jessica Rankin.
I looked at her work during my a-level project on maps. Rankin considers her maps as mind maps, maps which allow her to work through things going on in her life making them very personal. Some of the sentences stop abruptly showing her train of thought.

close up

These next few maps were found here:
"Satrical" maps
James Gillray (l) Robert Dighton (r)


"Britannia"(1791) and "Geography bewitched or a droll caricature map of Ireland" (1793)
I love these because they tell a narrative and the idea could be used to create a personal map.

Historical map

"Oklahoma "produced by Lester Raymer in 1939. I was attracted to the decorative border which close up actually shows the landscape of oklahoma at different times of the day.

Map ideas

Final map
I was told to improve it by making the land more prominent as the blue sea was overpowering it, I did this by blending the oil pastels on the actual land using white spirit. I also smoothed out the blues in the sea.

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