Sunday, 15 November 2009

sign 3

Began by picking out important words and phrases, such as mountains, woodcutter, wife, forest, spring, very young man,thick black hair, fountain of youth, old woman, child in his arms.

I concentrated on the setting but felt a bit unsure about how to go about it, I tried stencils for the mountains but it didn't work out. I had to think about how I would include my image kit.

Bone trees? I decided against using colour and keep it simple as the story is straightforward
Frustrated with how to create the setting I moved on to the characters, I had to use images from the internet to create the old man in the sketchbook image. But while trying to work out how to include the brain texture I created a mirror image of a face which is at the bottom of the sketchbook page. This was an "Aha!" moment, it was finally starting come together.

I had to redraw the brain face because I didn't like the quality of the printed drawing. I also created the old womans face using the brain surface as a reference, I think that's why it looks more like a face and also drew half which made the process quicker.

Nearly final image, the composition was based on the famous "American Gothic" painting by Grant Wood

I moved on to the next image which I had decided would be the old man finding the spring, the drawing of the spring was based on  this photograph taken by me.

Final image:

I was definately influenced by etched illustrations and classic illustrations by George Cruikshank and the like and wanted to recreate it using pen and ink. I liked the idea of using mark-making to create an image rather than a single line.

These are the final images with the decorative motif inspired by the collection of door and window carvings. Which I put together on MS Word because I still haven't got photoshop. This has affected the quality of the scanned image.

I'm quite proud of the way it turned out even though some of the drawings particularly the last two and the reflection are a bit weak. I was given good feedback though I think a few people were confused by the decision to use brain texture for the two main characters faces as they appear grotesque.

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