Sunday, 15 November 2009

sign 4

For this brief we had to pick a headline from a newspaper dated 5/11/09 (because it's a significant day) and create an image for it. It was a chance for us to learn about how to work in short space of time with which illustrators get when producing editorial illustration.

I picked "New attack on cancer with nano-weapon" final image below. It didn't come out that well as I had to scan it in two parts and the middle are would not scan properly. The size is smaller than the one stated on the brief, but more importantly I don't think the image goes well with the headline!

Though the headline is positive in its message I got a bit lost in it and created images which were quite humorous, maybe not a good idea for an editorial image.

For some reason my ideas were stuck on war, missiles, toy soldiers (miniture but powerful). Also I think my drawings were too cartoony and maybe if I used collage or photocopies of textures I could have made something gritty and in keeping with the serious tone.

In the feedback I was told the bottom two images (blue and orange cancer and toy soldiers) were strongest and maybe I could combine both somehow.

I decided to do some more "quick" ideas which I actually couldn't do but created this image:

Another comment was to show size is irrelevant and how something so small could somehow weaken the cancer cells, which is why I thought of having normal healthy cells surrounding the cancer. I then combined this with the soldiers and to make the cancer cell look a bit threatening had the cells closer to the cancer turning black losing life. And the blood obviously represents the "death of the cancer cell".

I wish I had looked properly at examples if editorial illustrations and created a more powerful image. After this project I've realised I've become a bit self-conscious about my work and am having a bit of trouble with the poster project.

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