Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sign 5

Brief: To create a poster based on one of the line of text given.

I chose 'Power to the People", with the most obvious idea coming to my head- punching of the fist in the air (more than one person to symbolise people).

Other ideas
Human tower (Castell)

Images of people who have survived a horrible event/or saved lives.


Responsibilty to the environment- an image of loads of people on exercise bikes powering a sign came into my head.

idea 1. No photoshop meant I had to rely on word, created this but its about A5 if not smaller in size. It's a complete nightmare trying to recreate it larger on word! :(

I've also realised that it looks better small and if i were to blow it up it would be difficult to read from close range (also the quality would be really bad). And I don't think it's that obvious that they are people...

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