Friday, 11 December 2009

Object 1

We had to pick a chair and research into how it was made, when it was made, who designed it, where was/is it used, who did it belong to and what is it made of? I chose Ron Arad's "Bad tempered chair" (2002), which was more of an accessible version of "Well-tempered chair"(1986)

For each question we had to create 10 drawings, so 60 all together but I only managed 47 though I hope to add a few more to it. The categories I found difficult were: who designed it= I could only think of 7, where was/is it used= only 4 and who did it belong to= 6 :(

I really enjoyed drawing about how it was made and what it was made of, because I managed to find the information I needed which made it easier.
How it was made=
inspired by armchair, and phillipe starcks Richard III chair, the drawing for "well-tempered chair", the actual well tempered chair. template on computer cut the pieces out using laser burning, what the pieces look like, they are bended and curved and screwed together using wingnuts to make the bad tempered chair.

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