Saturday, 12 December 2009

Serge Bloch

I saw the illustrations he created for the book, The Enemy: A Book about Peace by Davide Cali, at the Museum of American Illustration- Society of Illustrators.

I really liked the story, basically it was about these two soldiers and what they think about each other, while they are hiding in the trenches. The reader finds out that they have both been told the exact same things as each believes that they are fighting the enemy that is evil, and that their own army is right and good. There is a funny bit where they end up in each other's trenches. :) I think it's a great story for children as it tells them to think about the other person, so-called enemy, are they really an enemy?
He mixes collage with drawings to create humorous images or art. I like this a lot.

More of his works can be found here :

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