Friday, 26 February 2010

Zine Workshop for Manifesto

Yesterday we had a rubber-stamping and other quick methods of creating imagery workshop which we could use as quick methods for reproducing our manifesto. We had to work in groups to create enough copies of a zine to describe our society.

(pages 1 and 8) These were by Vicky using rubberstamps.

(pages 2and 3)These were created by Harriet, using foam. 

(pages 4 and 5) My rubberstamp prints

(pages 6 and 7) Laura's prints created using foam.

Animation stills

We did plan to include ourselves in our costumes and try the pixilation technique where objects or people are used instead of flat images using stop-motion. We didn't get round to doing that but used our 2D versions of our characters instead. I thought some of PES works were amazing I particularly like these:


Well I'll get to the point now:

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Above: Maquette. below: Final

Here are the 5 drawings and some other doodles:


New brief we have to create a manifesto for our society...

here are some examples from the web:

I have also borrowed two books from the library:
"Manifesto: A Century of isms" edited by Mary Ann Caws
"Serpentine Gallery Manifesto Marathon"

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Weightlifting Ant!

Spotted in the Metro

Magnus Muhr creates art using dead flies as characters in his images

This one is my favourite
more here:

V&A Decode Exhibition

I really enjoyed it and liked the interactivity of some the works on display, especially Dandelion created by YOKE and Sennep and Mehmet Akten's Body Paint installation.

some links (they/he also created Imogen Heaps Twitter dress!)

I can't believe I missed Jason Burges piece in the John Madejski Garden, also disappointingly a few of the pieces were not working.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Pentagram- What type are you?

I am Courier :)

William Kentridge

This film is part of a series of created by Kentridge soon after the establishment in South Africa of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. It was setup to allow public hearings to take place into human rights abuse during the apatheid era. The main protagonist in this film is Soho Eckstein a 'white property-developing magnate and greedy-capitalist'.  

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Addressing the Century- 100 years of Art and Fashion

These images are taken from the book named in the title and accompanied an exhibition the Hayward Gallery of the same name in 1998.

Yayoi Kusama Dress (1976)

Pierre Cardin Men's shoes with toes (1986)

Meret Oppenheim Project for Parkett No. 4 (1985)

Mimi Smith Recycle Coat (1965, remade 1993)

Mimi Smith Maternity Dress (1966)

AndrĂ© Masson Surrealist mannequin 'Head in a Cage' (1938) 

Mona Hatoum Hair Necklace (1995)

Elsa Schiaparelli Monkey Fur Shoes (1938)

Elsa Schiaparelli Drawing for Shoe Hat (1937)

Salvador Dali  Aphrodisiac Dinner Jacket (1936), reconstruction

Oskar Schlemmer The Abstract(l), Golden Sphere(c) and Wire Figure(r). Made for The Triadic Ballet, Black series

Stephen Willats Multiple Clothing. Personal Collection (1992)

Marie-Ange Guilleminot Dress on Wheels (1992)

"Dress is one important means whereby individuals learn to live in their bodies and feel at home in them. Getting dressed is an ongoing practice of attending to the body, requiring knowledge, techniques and skills. It is simultaneously an intimate experience of the body and a public presentation of it. Operating on the boundaries between self and others, it is the interface between the individual and social world, the meeting-place of the private and the public. It is a suit of armour or a shell, for, like the crab, the 'raw' human body is distinguished by its characteristic of being somehow unfinished, unpeeled, vulnerable and incomplete. But it is also a costume for a role, and for the dramatisation of identity."
-extract from the book written by Joanne Entwistle and Elizabeth Wilson


Came across these in Nice on a college trip two years ago, I can't remember who made them though, but I'm sure I've written them down somewhere.