Saturday, 13 March 2010


A few drawings/images created for manifesto. The first is a plan of the map of where our creatures live, it is meant to be a triangle island so it is predominantly this huge mountain with different areas representing our individual creatures needs.

As a way of bringing our creatures together Laura and I thought up national days where each one of our primary needs would be celebrated. My day was "Chapatti Chow Day" and below are my invites. The first image was an experiment on Photoshop which I decided to use to create an invite. However we had agreed that as a society we are sustainable and we create things by hand so I decided to create another invite using collage. The problem with this one however was how to reproduce 8 times so I just kept with the first one in the end.

Rubber stamp triangles to make a mountain/area for map- this was just an experiment not used in final

Having decided to scrap the idea of giving each other a double page to do as we please because we  couldn't think of anything, we decided to finalise a set of laws for our society and each illustrate a few. My law was along the lines of being able to as we please as long as it doesn't interfere with others needs. We decided to keep things simple and set ourselves some rules for creating the image which was to keep it black and white (photocopy) and we could rubberstamp colour over the top. In the peer assessment the other group highlighted this as our strongest way of working.
Laura and I created a foam stamp for the punishment page which showed a totem pole as our 'prison' type place. 

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