Monday, 31 May 2010


I had planned to draw the scenes showing Colette writing but I was running out of time and patience so I ended up using a paper hand and using stopmotion.
Here is the test:


Colette Biopic from Hasmita Hirani on Vimeo.

Friday, 28 May 2010


Sia, went to see her, she was amazing!

Not my video unfortunately as mine are bad quality

Monday, 3 May 2010

Biopic: Colette

She was a French writer, performer, journalist and a lover to men and women. She wrote her first novel under the name Willy (her husband's name), who took the fame for it and would later betray Colette and sell the rights to Claudine for less than they were worth. Both husband and wife embarked on affairs while together and at one point also shared a mistress. The first time Colette discovered Willy's affair was with a 'hunchback dwarf' called Lotte Kinceler. They eventually divorced and Colette began an affair with a female cross dresser Missy. Controversy ensued where ever Colette went as she caused a riot in her performance in 'Reve d'Egypt' at the Moulin Rouge, when she kissed Missy (or as Yissm her character) a woman dressed as a man. However this didn't put off Colette from performing and would cause a 'sensation among the audience' in 'La Chair' where she bared her left breast. The performance was an instant success and would tour the country.

animation drawing exercise

this is a colour version of a drawing exercise we did in the studio 2 weeks ago, put together on windows movie maker (it's only 5 seconds). It was my first drawn animation attempt but it was nice to pass the drawing around in a group and to see how it would change.