Wednesday, 16 June 2010

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Some research drawings

Colette's Father who lost his left leg 'on the battlefield at Melegano'

Colette aged 5, couldn't draw her face >.<

Colette and first husband Henri Gauthier Villars, or 'Willy'

Colette and one of her many lovers, Mathilde de Morny or 'Missy'

Colette in 'controversial' play Reve d'Egypte, in which she kisses Missy who is playing a male character

Here in La Chair, which garnered positive reviews and ran profitably for 14 yrs.

Colette with second husband Henri de Jouvenel, she had a daughter with him called, Colette.

Colette with 3rd husband Maurice Goudeket.

While married to Maurice she also opened a Beauty Salon, in the drawing below she is making up her daughter.

drawings from object 3, I forgot to post

The project itself didn't turn out that great due to the fact I didn't take any risks, but I'm proud of some of the drawings.

I should mention what the brief was: To pick a news story or an event that occurred during the year that the chair researched in the previous project was made. (or along that line)

The year my chair was made was in 2002 and there were more than a few kidnappings of young girls, in both the U.K and America. In the UK, there was the kidnapping of Milly Dowler, whose murderer has only just been convicted, and the kidnapping of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. I focussed on the former and found a lot of information on the investigation so I decided to create illustrations based on that viewpoint.

(the girl on the top is Samantha Runnion who was 5 when she was kidnapped and murdered from her garden in America)

Cinthya Soto

I found these lovely images from the Creative Review Blog about  'this year's PhotoEspaƱa festival, the Instituto Cervantes in Madrid' and in a specific post about an exhibition of 10 emerging Latin-American photographers.

Cinthya Soto's image caught my eye, and confused me for a moment.

They're basically of painted walls in public places, but the way she's photographed them, more so the first one, made me think it was a real photo but noticing the way the sky was painted I thought it might have been edited. I think they're amazing.