Wednesday, 16 June 2010

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Some research drawings

Colette's Father who lost his left leg 'on the battlefield at Melegano'

Colette aged 5, couldn't draw her face >.<

Colette and first husband Henri Gauthier Villars, or 'Willy'

Colette and one of her many lovers, Mathilde de Morny or 'Missy'

Colette in 'controversial' play Reve d'Egypte, in which she kisses Missy who is playing a male character

Here in La Chair, which garnered positive reviews and ran profitably for 14 yrs.

Colette with second husband Henri de Jouvenel, she had a daughter with him called, Colette.

Colette with 3rd husband Maurice Goudeket.

While married to Maurice she also opened a Beauty Salon, in the drawing below she is making up her daughter.

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