Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Everything Drawing

In the first Image and Text class, the tutor split the group in two and gave us a translation task. One group had to translate a piece of text describing animal X into an image and the other had to translate a Breugel painting called 'Netherlandish Proverbs'. I was in the former group and drew nothing like what the animal was which was a Rhino. But was inspired by Breugel's painting for the Everything Drawing task.

It's certainly not technically brilliant as Breugel, and I've noticed my drawings that are drawn from reference images tend to be better than from imagination. But even drawing horses from photos I struggled with for some strange reason.

I'm going to try and work out a way of picking scenes from the book to create a drawing like this.

Summer drawings for Fiction project

During the crit the last two images were picked out and discussed, due to there striking differences as images: the first one the marks are more careful while the second is more loose and 'impressionistic'. The pens and appointment book was drawn from observation which is probably why its drawn the way it is and the tree one was partly drawn from observation but mainly from a photo.