Tuesday, 8 February 2011

India 2010

I have a lot of relatives, from both of my parents' side of the family, living in a village called Mankuva. It takes around 30 or 45 mins to get to from Bhuj Airport. Mankuva is made up of two areas, Navavaas and Junovaas, which translates literally to New and Old. The difference is sort of apparent when you visit the two areas, Navavaas seems to have more modern structured streets but Junovaas has a lot of little narrow alleyways. 

My late paternal grandparents lived in Junovaas in a little house and it was my grandfather's dream to have his three sons living in close proximity to each other, so he bought them a plot each and today stands three houses, two next door each other and one opposite. My maternal grandparents live in Navavaas, while we were there my grandfather (mum's father) used to bring us milk every morning in his scooter.

Our house (pictured) and next door is my eldest uncle's and opposite is my middle uncle's (pictured).

A lizard or as they call it over there, an 'Andhichichi', hiding under a trap door leading to the roof of the house.



Mandvi temple


The remains of a sand sculpting competition, I think or some event like it.

Bhatharn, Junovaas

 Hanuman temple, Navavaas.

Shree Swaminarayn temple
Raju's kitchen utensil shop

Junovaas. There are a lot of temples/shrines like these and above dotted around.

Recently rebuilt Bhuj Mandir, with amazing carvings.

Flying from Bhuj to Mumbai airport. Near to Mumbai

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