Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Museum of Everything #4/ #4.1

Some sneeky photos taken from the Museum of Everything Exhibition 4.1. It was a retrospective of the late Judith Scott's fibre sculptures.

I volunteered at both exhibitions #4 & #4.1 and it was interesting to see how Selfridges customers reacted to a 'museum' appearing in the middle of the homeware section in the Ultralounge. Confusingly it kept getting mistaken for customer service!

We had competition from Dolly's opposite us which had mouthwatering desserts to offer, but we managed to get people into the exhibtion. Though there were times when it got really frustrating, like when we had to ask for £2 donation but not to overstep the mark (be forceful) and cause them to change their minds about entering the exhibition. It was difficult at first, and a lot of misunderstandings occurred, especially in the first few weeks. However it was really nice when people left the exhibition feeling really happy, seeing them enjoy it made the experience worthwhile.

Exhibition #4.1 took place at the Old Selfridges Hotel, which was an amazing space. The MoE didn't do anything to the space except add floorboards, little picket fences around each work and lighting, which I think worked really well in making the show about Judith's sculptures. They looked even more beautiful and haunting.

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