Thursday, 12 January 2012

Le voyage dans la lune

I came across this on the BBC website, when they announced that the restoriation of the colour version of the movie by Georges Méliès had been finished complete with a new soundtrack by Air.

This actually reminded me of another film I came across last year on BBC 2, they were showing MGM musicals I think every Saturday afternoon in the month of October. I think the lack of dialogue in both and the fact that they are both pre cgi so the sets are extremely descriptive which made me make the connection.

Anyway I managed to catch the ending of An American In Paris which showed the main characters (Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron) dancing, Kelly tap dancing and Caron doing the ballet. I became really engrossed in it and was completely memorised by the fluidity of the transitions from scene to scene because it looks so effortless.

The example below shows most of it

"An American In Paris" Ballet with George Gershwin's Original Music from Mark on Vimeo.