Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Like a friend you haven't spoken to in a long time

It feels the same when you have not blogged* for a long a time. Where to begin?

University is over and I have graduated from the BA Illustration course. The ceremony was two weeks ago and it was great :).

The internal show was last month, which was really fun but stressful to put together. Just before that we had to hand in our Unit 11 work, which personally for me was not a great moment :(. I hope to learn from it though.

These are a few pictures from the show, apologies for the poor quality, they were taken from my phone

I was advised to put this version of my final piece. It was a rough composition which I based my final painting on. It was composed on Photoshop.

Katie Johnston & Charlene Man epic human digestive

Eun Kyoung comic series

Kraggy, Ellie Denwood and Angeli Patel (l-r)

Peter Rhodes and Charlotte Jones (l-r)

 A few weeks later was the external show Mixed Special at Red Gallery Shoreditch
Some more dodgy photos of that below.
Charlotte Jones, Lewis Stringer and Holly Mills (l-r)

Merida Richards and Alec Jagodzinski (l-r)

Emily McCartan

Libbi King

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